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On April 9th, 2021, our collaboration beer with Picaroons General Store in Saint John will be released. We had a great time brewing with brewer Kevin Dooley a number of weeks back, and it is extremely exciting to finally get to share it with you all.

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We have had a few exciting weeks at our humble shop, thanks to our wonderful community of homebrewers and some friends of ours. First off, we added 12 new products to our lineup, restocked some favourites and brought in some unique ingredients we are excited to share.  Second, we were part of a collaboration with Picaroons General Store in the heart of uptown Saint John, allowing us to test our skills on the big system. It was like moving up to the major leagues for a weekend. Stay tuned for our release. We brewed a Vienna Lager from an upscaled home brew...

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On the weekend of Feb 5-7 2021 the good folks at Picaroons General Store in Saint John NB invited us to come in and brew a beer on their system. We take a lot of pride in our business and the ingredients we carry, so a collaboration that would give us a chance to show them off on a larger scale was something we were very interested in. 

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