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Brewing has a long tradition of major change, adaptation, growth, and has overcome many challenges which has forced brewers to become more creative, sometimes even sneaky with their techniques to keep thirsty customers coming back. Shaped by laws, tradition, environment, wars, religion and science; we as consumers are still the main influencers in what “beer” actually is. If we were to freeze ourselves cryogenically and emerge a few hundred years from now we would awake with an unquenchable thirst and sprint or teleport to the nearest space pub that would likely be playing techno music and have people dressed in...

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It's safe to say that Escarpment Labs products have been among our most popular in the last few weeks. We have been bringing in new strains for the spring season, and we are happy to announce there are even more offerings in The Shop today!

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If you follow us on social media you will undoubtedly know that last week we made the switch to Shopify. Even though we haven't been around for too long we thought it was as good a time as any to give the website a fresh coat of paint and improve things like speed & reliability.

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