Escarpment Labs Restock!

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Escarpment Labs Restock!

It's safe to say that Escarpment Labs products have been among our most popular in the last few weeks. We have been bringing in new strains for the spring season, and we are happy to announce there are even more offerings in The Shop today!

We have brought in two - count em' - TWO, strains of Brett yeast, D, & L. Brett D is a strain formulated for "very prominent pineapple esters alongside a good dose of funk." For another option, Brett L is for darker beers and "is also known colloquially as 'Brett lambicus', this strain offers prominent cherry pie aromas and is very complimentary to darker malt beers or red wine barrel aging.

Along with these new offerings we have restocked some of our most popular products, including London Foggy Ale yeast and English Ale I yeast. These high quality yeasts have been extremely popular and we have had nothing but positive feedback from customers about them.

We are proud to carry Escarpment Labs products in The Shop for their commitment to the homebrewing community. Give them a try today!


Christian & Derek



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