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Beer is an ever-changing commodity. From the Trappist and Gueze brewers in Belgium to the super inventive and trendy pastry stout producers of the US; beer is evolving at all times.

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Starting today (Nov 29) and running until Friday (Dec 3rd, 2021) we are proud to feature all locally produced New Brunswick products on sale for 20% off!*

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I'm sure you know that beer is mostly water. Despite knowing this, a lot of brewers overlook the the simple fact that water quality and composition make a HUGE difference in the overall quality of a finished beer.

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A style that has slowly crept into the home brewing world and is certainly here to stay. Originating in the North East of the USA it has become the beer associated with terms like Hop Head, Hazy Boi, Dank, Juicy and a long list of internet lingo that no one understands.

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In many ways hops can make or break your beer, and many of the most popular styles today depend on very specific hop combinations to achieve the desired results. With the rise in popularity of NEIPAs, West Coast IPAs & every variation in-between, selecting the right hops can be one of the most important decisions you can make when designing recipes. And it’s not just the heavy IBU hitters that depend on quality hops - and hops do so much more than just influence flavours.

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