The Somewhat Ultimate Guide to Giving Beer Glasses as Holiday Gifts

The Somewhat Ultimate Guide to Giving Beer Glasses as Holiday Gifts

We usually try to use this blog to showcase products on The Shop, or new beers we have made, but I thought I would try something a little different just before the Holiday break. I get asked a lot about what type of glassware is used for various beer styles - and I get asked this a lot more often this time of year as people begin to shop for their loved ones. So if your hoping to get a nice new pint glass under your tree, maybe you can discreetly send this link over to your partner, or maybe use it as a guide yourself to get to know glassware for beer styles you don't often brew. I will leave this information in your capable hands. Happy Holidays!

Not only do these glasses enhance the drinking experience, but they also add a touch of sophistication to any beer lover's collection. Let's explore the world of beer glassware, breaking down the most popular styles and helping you match them with the perfect beer to create a thoughtful and memorable holiday gift.

  1. The Classic Pint Glass (American Shaker Pint):

    • Style: This is the most common beer glass, featuring a straight, slightly tapered shape.
    • Ideal Beers: Pales Ales, IPAs, Lagers, Amber Ales.
    • Why Choose it: Versatility and durability make the classic pint glass a staple. It's perfect for everyday use and suits a wide range of beer styles.
  2. Pilsner Glass:

    • Style: Tall, slender, and tapered with a narrow base.
    • Ideal Beers: Pilsners, Light Lagers, Wheat Beers.
    • Why Choose it: The elongated shape showcases the color and effervescence of lighter beers while maintaining a crisp and refreshing feel.
  3. Weizen Glass:

    • Style: Tall and curvy, often with a flared lip.
    • Ideal Beers: Hefeweizens, Wheat Beers, Belgian Witbiers.
    • Why Choose it: Designed to accommodate the unique characteristics of wheat beers, the Weizen glass enhances the aroma and allows for a thick, foamy head.
  4. Tulip Glass:

    • Style: Bulbous body with a flared lip and a stemmed base.
    • Ideal Beers: Belgian Ales, Double IPAs, Saisons.
    • Why Choose it: The tulip glass concentrates aromas, making it perfect for complex and aromatic beers. The stemmed base prevents the hand from warming the beer.
  5. Snifter:

    • Style: Short-stemmed glass with a wide bowl and tapered mouth.
    • Ideal Beers: Imperial Stouts, Barleywines, Belgian Ales.
    • Why Choose it: The wide bowl allows for swirling, releasing complex aromas, while the tapered mouth concentrates those aromas for a more intense tasting experience.
  6. Stange Glass:

    • Style: Straight and narrow, resembling a test tube.
    • Ideal Beers: Kölsch, Altbier, Lambics.
    • Why Choose it: The stange glass highlights delicate flavors and effervescence, making it ideal for lighter and more nuanced beer styles.
  7. Goblet/Chalice:

    • Style: Wide-bowled glass on a short stem.
    • Ideal Beers: Belgian Dubbels, Tripels, Quadrupels.
    • Why Choose it: The large bowl allows for easy swirling and releases the complex aromas of Belgian ales, while the stem prevents heat transfer from the hand.
  8. Beer Mug:

    • Style: Sturdy, heavy glass with a handle.
    • Ideal Beers: Lagers, Ales, Porters.
    • Why Choose it: A classic choice, the beer mug is known for its durability and large capacity, making it a great choice for casual, social drinking.
  9. IPA Glass:

    • Style: A tulip-shaped glass with a ridged bottom.
    • Ideal Beers: India Pale Ales (IPAs).
    • Why Choose it: Designed specifically for IPAs, this glass enhances hop aromas and maintains a frothy head, ensuring a full sensory experience.

Choosing the right beer glass for your loved one this holiday season is not only a thoughtful gift but also an investment in their beer-drinking experience. Whether they enjoy the hoppy bitterness of an IPA or the rich complexity of a Belgian Quad, there's a perfect glass to enhance the flavours and aromas of their favourite brew.

This holiday season, elevate the beer lover's experience with a carefully selected set of beer glasses that will not only make their taste buds sing but also showcase your attention to detail and consideration for their passion. Cheers to a festive season filled with great beers and even greater memories!


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