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With the cold weather upon us we have seen a substantial uptick in sales. Looks like you're all getting your Christmas brews in 😉. We have recently restocked a number of our most popular Escarpment Labs yeast strains like Foggy London Ale & Krispy - but it was time to bring in some new offerings as well!   Starting as a yeast blend based on captured wild isolates by Milk the Funk homebrewers around the U.S., Mud King is a blend of over 30 different wild isolates including a few captures from natural wines and French ciders developed in-part by...

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Back by popular demand! We ran pretty low on our first batch of Escarpment Labs yeasts so we had to order some more! We now have new to us strains like JÖTUNN & London Ale, and we brought back some hits like Vermont Ale, Krispy, & The Mothership Brett Blend. Here is a complete list of all newly stocked Escarpment yeasts: JÖTUNN, Krispy, English Ale I, Vermont Ale, London Ale, Mothership Brett Blend, Kveik Ring: Espe, American Ale, Hornindal Kveik (a popular request), Isar Lagar Yeast, & Ardennes Ale Yeast. We are proud to carry Escarpment Labs products in the...

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