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As the cold weather settles in & the festive season approaches, you might be starting the think about the scents of roast turkey, freshly baked gingerbread, and spiced cocktails. However, for homebrew & beer enthusiasts, the perfect holiday feast is incomplete without the ideal brew to complement the array of traditional Christmas foods. Let's take a look at the amazing harmony that arises when you pair the best beer styles with classic Christmas dishes. Roast Turkey and IPA: A Classic Duo As The Community Brew Shop's resident hop head I needed to get this one out first. The centerpiece of many Christmas dinners,...

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Following pumpkin spice, the next annual trend in the progression of beer trends is holiday themed beer. You probably do not want to run your home brewery like a machine and bow to the corporate suits who know that if you somehow incorporate the holidays into your brewing it will move off the shelves. Yes we see this everywhere, even sneaking into the craft scene (how dare they!). As home brewers we have the unique ability to buck the trend and stick to our guns to make something different, something classic, something non-trendy. This post is about holiday beers and...

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With the big news that The Community Brew Shop is now shipping across Canada we wanted to host our first contest to celebrate! Please see the details below: You probably made your way here via a shipping is now available / contest time post on Facebook & Instagram. If you don’t follow us – you should – although it is not a requirement for the contest. We want to get the word out – shipping is a big play for us, and we are so excited to be servicing the entirety of this great country. The Rules: You will received one (1)...

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