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City of Saint John NB Quarterly Water Quality Report

City of Fredericton NB Water Quality Reports

City of Moncton Yearly Water Quality Report

Reports put out by the three major municipalities in the province can help dial in your water quality on brew day. Each of the links above will take you to the government pages where information like pH, mineral content, etc can be downloaded in PDF format. The frequency in which these reports are released is determined by the municipality. If you require more information on your local water we recommend you reach out to your local government or service district.

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Below is a collection of recipes that have been posted on out website over the years. We are also happy to help with recipe creation, so contact us if you have questions, or just want to bounce some ideas off us.

Leaves Falling Brown - Christian's Brown Ale recipe originally posted in the fall of 2021.


If you are a first time brewer, or maybe just a first time all-grain brewer and need a few pieces of equipment to complete your brew day we can help! We have all the ingredients needed to produce great homebrew and lend it out to customers in the Greater Saint John Area. Find out more.