The Loaner Program

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In response to our great community support we have decided today is a great day to launch our special program to get people brewing!


This a program we have been working on since the beginning and we are happy to announce that we will now be offering it through The Community Brew Shop! Equipment is limited, but we will maintain a list to keep people brewing. Here is what it is and how it works.

What is “The Loaner”?

The Loaner program is a lending service we are offering to introduce people to the hobby. You will get everything you need to make a successful beer. We guide you along the way and help make sure you get a good end product.

How does it work?

Contact us online through email or website form and let us know you would like to take out The Loaner. We will let you know approximately when it will be available and work with you on designing a recipe that you want to brew.

What is included?

Equipment, tools, instructions and our help. We want to make your brew a success the first time! Everything you need to make your own brew! We have clear instructions that walk you through the brew and provide detail into each of the key processes.

How much does it cost?

We charge a fully refundable $50 deposit to use the equipment. This comes with everything you need to brew, along with instructions, a checklist of equipment and our support.

The other cost associated with the brew will be based on your recipe. Generally to make 23 Litres of beer it will cost between $35-$75, depending on the style you choose. We can help you with budgeting or with design of a special brew you want to make.

You will be able to get all ingredients from our store. Once we work out a recipe we can give you a shopping list. Beyond your beer ingredients you will also need to buy proper sanitizer and sugar to bottle with ($5-10).

How much beer can I make?

Our set up is for 5 Gallons/23 Litres of beer, but you are more than welcome to brew larger volumes, or multiple batches as long as you have the equipment.

Is there anything else I would need to consider?

Bottles: How are you going to store your finished beer is important. Divide 23L by the size of bottle you wish to use. Common sizes are listed below, but it is totally up to you.

500 mL – 46 Bottles

355 mL – 65 Bottles

Time: You will need at least a full day, possibly more to complete a batch of beer. Give yourself time to do it properly. It can be a little bit of work, but the reward will be great!

How long does it take?

It usually depends on the beer you make, but generally it takes around 2-3 weeks for your beer to be ready to drink if you make an ale. Making the beer at the start and bottling at the end are the most labour intensive . Much of the time you are waiting for fermentation and conditioning to occur. 

Who can take out “The Loaner”?

The Loaner is limited to the local Saint John area. You must be 19 years or older.

What if I break something or do not return something?

For broken or non-returned equipment a portion of your deposit may be used to cover the cost. We will examine this on a case-by-case basis. It is up to the burrower to inform us of damaged equipment as it occurs. The equipment is being lent very much on good faith. We understand if something breaks due to basic usage. The deposit will not be kept if the equipment wears out or breaks due to age.

How do I get it?

Contact us and we will get in touch to let you know when the equipment is available and when you can pick it up. We can also arrange to deliver it locally when the date comes.

We hope by using The Loaner we will spark your interest in brewing. There is a great community of home brewers that are very supportive and can offer great advice. Here at The Community Brew Shop we are looking to grow this community!


Happy Brewing!