New Offerings from Escarpment Labs!

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New Offerings from Escarpment Labs!

With the cold weather upon us we have seen a substantial uptick in sales. Looks like you're all getting your Christmas brews in 😉.

We have recently restocked a number of our most popular Escarpment Labs yeast strains like Foggy London Ale & Krispy - but it was time to bring in some new offerings as well!


Starting as a yeast blend based on captured wild isolates by Milk the Funk homebrewers around the U.S., Mud King is a blend of over 30 different wild isolates including a few captures from natural wines and French ciders developed in-part by DeWayne Schaaf.

Recommended for Secondary Fermentation: Ferment in primary until 70% attenuation, then add Mud King. Allow to age for 6-10 months at 65-75°F. Under these conditions, expect acidity to be more moderate, strong pear notes, with Brett pushing an overripe tropical fruit note.

A BLEND OF 30 WILD ISOLATES!!! I don't know if there is a way to make a more unique homebrew!


Looking for a traditional take on a traditional style? 

Kolnasāta is sourced from a traditional Latvian brewer named Dainis Rakstiņš from the Bērzpils area. Despite the name, it is neither a Kolsch strain, nor a Pils strain. Kolnasāta offers up ample doses of pineapple esters along with medium attenuation and flocculation. It is POF- (non-phenolic) which means it can be used in a wide range of beers. The traditional beer it ferments is made by heating the mash using hot stones! 


Do you like pina coladas?

Prominent pineapple esters alongside a good dose of funk. Suited to primary or secondary fermentation.

Brett Yeasts are a great way to produce funky and unique flavours to make your brews stand out. Christian from The Shop recently used a Brett strain from Escarpment in secondary fermentation to make the tropical & passionfruit flavours of our Galaxy Hops really pop!


Are you pumping up the ABVs on your fall / winter beers?

This Dry Belgian strain from Escarpment will bring classic Belgian flavours with aggressive primary fermentation. We especially like this strain for Strong Golden, Tripel, and other strong Belgian styles. This strain is diastatic (STA1 positive).

With lots of new offerings from Escarpment Labs to round out our already fantastic selction there is sure to be a craft yeast strain perfect for your next brew day. Derek and Christian have been brewing almost exclusivly with Escarpment products since we started carrying them at The Shop and we have been nothing but pleased with the results. Reach out to us if you have any questions, or are looking for advice for your next creation!

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