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As Christian and I get a feel for the size of the local market, I just wanted to put a quick post out to inform everyone of our strategy for growing the business, eventually to include a wider array of products. For the time being we are mainly stocking grain, adjuncts and small amounts of yeast to see how things go and to help get people brewing. We are starting with a basic product lineup and will be expanding offerings as we go. In other words, we may not have the exact thing you are looking for, but please bare...

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You probably came to this blog post to learn about why Derek & I started The Community Brew Shop and we’re going to get there, but I have to get some business out of the way first. We – and I am sure many of you – were customers of the fantastic Craft Brewers Market in Rothesay NB. It’s closing was a difficult loss because of the circumstances surrounding it, and we wish the family of the former owner all the best. With its closure we lost more than a place to buy supplies locally; we lost a good man and a strong supporter...

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It’s safe to say that Derek and I have been in one way or another planning this small business venture for quite a while. Unfortunately COVID-19 has of course impacted many businesses – big & small – all over the world, and here in New Brunswick we are not immune. Opening a business in the time of COVID-19 has been a unique experience. Fortunately we have always planned to build this business with the mindset of starting very small with hopes of building up the local home brewing community and in turn the business. This small footprint means that we...

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