Community Growth

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Community Growth

As Christian and I get a feel for the size of the local market, I just wanted to put a quick post out to inform everyone of our strategy for growing the business, eventually to include a wider array of products.

For the time being we are mainly stocking grain, adjuncts and small amounts of yeast to see how things go and to help get people brewing. We are starting with a basic product lineup and will be expanding offerings as we go. In other words, we may not have the exact thing you are looking for, but please bare with us. Keeping with our community focus we believe the best way to grow the business and our offerings is to listen to you! You can always get a hold of us via email at beer @ communitybrewshop (dot) com.

We are new to the retail scene so setting up suppliers, securing operational equipment and making sure we have the proper items takes a little extra time, but we will get there.

Our plan for now is to stick mainly with grain, yeast, hops and other beer additives. Local and online retailers currently support hardware and equipment needs so we encourage you to keep supporting them. If you need help sourcing equipment we can help direct you to a reputable supplier. The Fundy Area Brewers Facebook Page is also quite active, so if you are looking for equipment make sure you check it out as local brewers are often posting buy/sell ads.

Thanks again for your support, we look forward to seeing you (from 6ft) and helping to keep you brewing!


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