Getting Started in Home Brewing

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Getting Started in Home Brewing

When I started home brewing years ago (2002), there was very little interest in the hobby, products were very limited and there were not many resources to figure out how to do things properly, other than the sheet of paper that came in the kits you could buy from the grocery store. The kit was at the end of the soft drink aisle, at the bottom, covered in dust. If someone massed produced the beer from these kits they would likely end up back on the bottom shelf covered in dust, because they were lacking vibrancy, flavour, quality, carbonation and character. 
Once you start brewing the sky is the limit

Nearly 20 years later with the internet at our finger tips; information, products, equipment, resources, education and knowledge is readily available and it is really overwhelming. Google “making beer” and see what pops up. It’s like being dropped into a herd of charging bulls when all you want to know is how to make a hamburger.

Starting quality home brewing lies somewhere in the middle of being in a desert with your sheet of paper from the kit you bought at the grocery store with trusty instructions and being dropped in the herd of bulls trying to figure things out. 

If you are interested in beginning the hobby we suggest keeping it simple to start. The best thing to do is to latch on to a friend that is a hobbyist and learn from them. Use their equipment, figure out the processes first before you get your equipment. There are pros and cons to all equipment. 

Make sure you have the space, time and resources to start. Diving in head first is another option, but much more costly up front. Again somewhere in the middle is likely the answer to get going on your own. Look at information about equipment that works for you on your budget.

Keep your recipe simple and brew something you like to drink. Don’t start with a coconut tiramisu milkshake stout, start with a classic stout (for example). Focus on cleanliness of your brewery and equipment to ensure your end product doesn’t flop. Develop those good habits to start so when you finally begin crafting unique brews you designed there is little risk of making a bad batch. 

It is simple once you get going, but challenging at first. Once you get one or 2 brews under your belt you can really start to have fun. 

Quality ingredients can really put your beer over the top

If you don’t have a friend in your bubble that can get your going please contact us for support. When Christian and I began this venture together we decided early on that the focus would be on the community, sharing, and helping others to start. We sell the ingredients to keep people crafting at home, so we can do the same, we just happen to drink a lot, so this helps keep our costs reasonable.

We can help you develop a recipe, find equipment, and point you in the right direction to get going. Thanks for visiting our new store!



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