Introductions Are In Order

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Introductions Are In Order

Introductions Are In Order

When I was putting together the website for the store I wanted to make sure that we had a detailed “About US” page to make sure people knew who they were buying from. I for one don’t like that feeling of buying from a faceless business – as much as it is sometimes a necessity in our current times.

The about us page that I finally settled on for the store comes across a bit too business like in my opinion. I realize after looking back on it now that trying to address privacy concerns, address our passion for the local community, and layout the mission of The Community Brew Shop didn’t leave much room for information about Derek & myself.

The few blog posts we have done so far have been pretty well received so I thought this was the best place to post some information about myself – Christian Goldie, and my business partner (and the brains of our home brewing operation) Derek Dygos.

A little about Derek –

As many others did, I began homebrewing (in 2002) as a way to avoid studying in University and to reduce the cost of purchasing commercial beers on a tight budget. After consuming several failed batches of beer I managed to finish school and continued to make wine for a few years which was easier from the kits at home, but I gave most of it away as it was not my favourite drink. From there my equipment began to break down so I took a break from everything and put my equipment away.

I did some traveling and found a renewed passion for brewing and beer around the world, so I looked deeper into things and began to do some research into brewing to continue renewing my passion. Looking at styles, processes, equipment, ingredients, and nearly everything else I got back into making beer at home. I fired up my old equipment and lost a 1/2 batch to a leaky plastic pail and a second batch to a weak glass carboy, resulting in 23L of beer on the floor. After that I decided to do it right so I made some equipment and began making a much better, more refined product. The results are much better now and I can take pride in having friends over, pouring them a cold one.

I feel that homebrewing is the heart and soul of the beer industry. Before commercialization of the industry it was what most people did. I love finding old recipes, methods and ingredients used for making beer, and with relatively simple equipment anyone can do it. Throughout history, and throughout the world, beer has always brought people together, whether by the millions at Oktoberfest or in the basement of a passionate homebrewer – it is a community drink.

As for myself –

I haven’t been brewing for nearly as long as Derek has, but it is something I have picked up over the past year or so and it has become a real passion for me. I first met Derek at our local gym about five years ago. A couple years into our friendship I joined him on a separate project – of course related to beer – and things just took off from there. The more I learned the more I wanted to brew and learn about the process of brewing.

I have been in sales in one form or another in my professional life for almost 20 years. Much of that time was spent with PepsiCo, and while I will admit this might be the nerdiest thing you read all day, the science and process of sales & marketing in highly competitive market segments is very interesting to me. Alcoholic beverage markets are highly competitive and with the rise of the craft beer industry we are seeing a smaller market emerge underneath the juggernauts like Labatt & Molson. Home brewing takes its place just below this market and it’s where the real craziness happens. Home brewers have the flexibility to craft their own unique beers with their own unique stories and identities. We share our recipes, stories and beer amongst each other with a pride that is only matched by other hobbyists, and how this unfolds and the community that springs from it is amazing.

Starting this business with Derek and supplying ingredients the community needs lets me take my place in this market & in the community. It really means a lot to me.

I hope these few paragraphs give you the insight into our business – where we have been and where we are hoping to go. Thank you for reading a bit about us, and for stopping by the store.




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