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Alpha Acid: 11.3%

Country of Origin: US

Vista is the result of a 2006 open pollinated cross by Dr. John Henning between the tetrapolid Perle female and an unknown diploid male. The resulting triploid line, Vista, was recognized early on as a vigorous plant with superior agronomic traits and unique aroma characteristics.

Vista hops are the most recent release from the USDA public breeding program. The public hop breeding program is unique in that it exists to broadly benefit the entire hop and brewing industries, as opposed to private hop breeding programs. The USDA public breeding program bred the genetic hop base on which American craft beer was built, such as Cascade and Centennial hops. The program continues to innovate to adapt towards new DDH hazy, juicy IPA brewer and consumer preferences with releases such as Cashmere, Triumph, and now Vista.

Hop Description

Vista (also known as USDA Elite Line 074) is an exciting new aroma variety from the US public breeding program with initial brewing feedback being highly favorable. Aromas of delicate orange, tangerine, pear and apricot sit up front with sub layers of herbal green tea and grassy notes. Highly recommended for lagers and lighter style beers.