Trinity Abbey - Belgian Dubbel Beer Kit

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Each Kit Contains:

- Fresh, pre-measured ingredients for a 5 gallon brew
- Recipe card

Trinity Abbey is a collaboration between Picaroon’s General Store and the Community Brew Shop. This Belgian Dubbel is made to historical standards using classic Belgian malt, noble hops, Abbey yeast used by traditional Trappist and Abbey beers and white (Wit) Belgian Candi sugar. Layered base malts create a smooth malty transition to dried fruit, plum, caramel, flavours in a rich/sweet malt forward beer. Hops restrain the sweetness with moderate spicy, peppery undertones finished by complementing fruit and spice esters from the yeast. 

A rich, long-lasting tight foaming head conceals the medium body and dry finish of this delicate beer that transitions smoothly from malt to hops and finishes with a clean bitterness that prepares you for the next sip.  Lagered for clarity and to balance the hop and malt character.

A great beer to brew that is refined, delicate and complex. 

Trinity Abbey is named after the Trinity Royal District in Saint John, New Brunswick which is home to some of the coolest breweries in the province. The area is named after the landmark church that sits in the heart of the city. Trinity is the unity of the 3 religious entities. This beer is the unity of Malt, Hops and Yeast.

This beer was originally brewed in collaboration with Picaroon’s General Store in Saint John, New Brunswick as a beer to introduce drinkers to Belgian traditional brews and to warm them from the long cold Maritime winter.

*For optimal results this beer should be lagered (requiring an extended period of cold storage). If you do not have space or the means for lagering it is not necessary, the results will still be great!* 

Expected ABV is 7.9%

This kit is appropriate for all-grain brewing with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, & boil kettle, or using the brew in a bag (BIAB) method or all-in-one system. 

Kit contains all required base grains, speciality grains, additives, hops, & yeast to make this beer. Each box is made to order to ensure freshness of all ingredients.

Kits DO NOT include all grain brewing equipment, sanitizer, priming sugar, bottles, or bottle caps.