Surf City West Coast IPA- Beer Kit

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Each Kit Contains:

- Fresh, pre-measured ingredients for a 5 gallon brew
- Recipe card

Surf City IPA is a West Coast Style IPA. This style of beer is the American take on the historical India Pale Ales that were originally shipped from England to India. It is often referred to as an American IPA. What makes this beer so special is the addition of new world hops, grown on the West Coast of Canada and the U.S.A.

This beer is refreshing, clean, and decidedly bitter, using our most popular Cascade hops, clean fermenting American Ale Yeast and a hefty grist bill that gives the beer a good head to promote the aroma and flavour of the hops.

This beer is a tribute to the beer that began the IPA revolution, brewed originally in California, now known across the globe and finding its way into every corner pub and microbrewery. This beer is best served super fresh and should be enjoyed immediately once it is ready. This will keep the hop forward flavours at their best.

The cold waters of the Atlantic are not traditionally know for their surfing, but there are a few brave souls who venture into the tides and ride. Like surfing, this style of beer has made its way to the East Coast and it is here to stay. This kit contains locally grown Cascade and locally grown malt to add healthy doses of East Coast flavours that come together just right to make the beer bitter, juicy, and refreshing.

Expected ABV is 7.0%

This kit is appropriate for all-grain brewing with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, & boil kettle, using the brew in a bag (BIAB) method or an all-in-one system. 

Kit contains all required base grains, specialty grains, additives, hops, & yeast to make this beer. Each box is made to order to ensure freshness of all ingredients.

Kits DO NOT include all grain brewing equipment, sanitizer, priming sugar, bottles, or bottle caps.

Extra consideration should be taken to make this beer a success. It includes extra steps to brew such as water additions, yeast nutrient additions and dry hopping for best results. Please contact us if you have questions before purchasing, we want to make sure your brew day is a success!