Slack Tide India Pale Ale - Beer Kit

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Each Kit Contains:

- Fresh, pre-measured ingredients for a 5 gallon brew
- Recipe card

Slack Tide IPA is a classic India Pale Ale that uses no adjuncts and a single variety of hops grown in New Brunswick to give bitterness, aroma and flavour. This is a modern take on the historical style without the 4-6 month waiting period for a ship to arrive at port crossing the Atlantic to the shores of the East Coast. 

A hefty grist bill creates an elevated ABV with touches of specialty malts to add hints of colour, depth, sweetness and to improve head retention to simulate cask beer service. Part of the grist contains locally malted 2-row barley grown in New Brunswick.

The Saint John river is the gateway to the interior of the province that can only be entered during slack tide. The reversing falls pushes and pulls the river when some of the highest tides in the world enter and retreat from the Bay of Fundy. The small window where the tides are balanced is called slack tide. We feel this beer is suitable in nature with malt character that lures your tastes to a sweet calm feeling of coming home to the shores of the East Coast, while the hops remind you of the bitter reality of being at sea.

This beer is great served fresh or slightly aged. No need to sail it across the high seas though, you can store it in your cellar. This classic style is a pub favourite with a rich history and is responsible for inspiring the craft beer revolution in North America. Share with friends and enjoy the historical taste with a heavy dose of local East Coast flavours.


Expected ABV is 7.9%

This kit is appropriate for all-grain brewing with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, & boil kettle, or using the brew in a bag (BIAB) method. 

Kit contains all required base grains, speciality grains, additives, hops, & yeast to make this beer. Each box is made to order to ensure freshness of all ingredients.

Kits DO NOT include all grain brewing equipment, sanitizer, priming sugar, bottles, or bottle caps