Homeboy Vienna Lager - Beer Kit

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Each Kit Contains:

- Fresh, pre-measured ingredients for a 5 gallon brew
- Recipe card

Homeboy Vienna Lager is an Austrian inspired beer made with traditional ingredients that are mainly used nowadays in smaller amounts to support the character of the once popular style. When malting techniques improved in England a young Austrian brewer who had recently inherited his fathers brewery in Vienna set off to examine a new improved way to lightly roast grain. 

When he returned home he quickly employed the new malt technology and using local barley and lager yeast instead of ale yeast he made a new lighter coloured beer now known as a Vienna Lager. 

Homeboy was made with no adjuncts to historical standards. The beer has a slightly elevated ABV, but remains well balanced and easy to drink because of the high quality ingredients. Homeboy is lagered for an extended period to balance the malt and hop profile and allow the beer to become extremely clear.

Using mainly Vienna malt creates a delicate backdrop that is hard to replicate with specialty grains and adjuncts.  A toasty, sweet, malty aroma dominates, but the flavour is light, producing a crisp taste with a beautiful copper colour. The use of Saaz hops leaves a slightly spicy and earthy hop finish. The malts create a foamy head that sustains and makes this beer an easy drinker at 5.7% ABV.

This beer was originally brewed in collaboration with Picaroon’s General Store in Saint John, New Brunswick as a beer to help launch the brew shop! The beer sold out within a week. Because it was such a hit we had to make it into a box for the rest of the country to enjoy!

*For optimal results this beer should be lagered (requiring an extended period of cold storage). If you do not have space or the means for lagering we highly suggest you attempt an ale kit which can be done without extra fridge space or glycol systems.* 

Expected ABV is 5.7%

This kit is appropriate for all-grain brewing with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, & boil kettle, or using the brew in a bag (BIAB) method. 

Kit contains all required base grains, speciality grains, additives, hops, & yeast to make this beer. Each box is made to order to ensure freshness of all ingredients.

Kits DO NOT include all grain brewing equipment, sanitizer, priming sugar, bottles, or bottle caps.