Maritime Brew Box Beer Kits

Introducing The Maritime Brew Box Beer Kits!

These all-grain, brew-in-a-box kits are great for both new and experienced brewers. Each box is your all in one solution to a great brew day with fresh, local ingredients, and a unique recipe. Four out of the five kits contain at least one ingredient sourced right here in New Brunswick, allowing you to not only make great beer, but support local as well.

We have had a number of customers reach out to us asking if we could provide a product like this, and we just couldn't put it off any longer!

So what's in the box?

Each Maritime Brew Box Beer Kit contains all the required base & speciality grains, hops, yeast, and any adjuncts or additives the recipe calls for. Also included is a handy recipe card that gives you all the important information including strike & mash temps, hop addition timing, and projected gravity values.

At launch we are offering five unique boxes to give you plenty of choice on what beer style you want to brew. The kits are appropriate for standard all-grain brewing methods with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, & boil kettle, and can also be used with brew in a bag (BIAB) methods. Please note that the kits include only the ingredients for your brew day. Brewing equipment, sanitizer, priming sugar, bottles, or caps are not included.

Maritime Honey is a fantastic honey wheat ale made with real honey from the Kingston Peninsula just outside of Saint John, NB. A great choice if you want to brew an easy drinking summer ale to enjoy around the campfire.

Single Lane Pale Ale is in tribute to the longest covered bridge in the world located in Heartland, NB. Made with locally grown hops from Bloomfield Hop Farm, this easy drinking pale ale is sure to be a crowd pleaser with friends and family alike. If you are new to all grain brewing this kit is a great place to start!

Slack Tide IPA is a traditional India Pale Ale that gives just the right amount of bitterness without a heavy, hazy body. This kit will let you make a full flavoured, full body beer you can enjoy at the beach or cottage. Named for the Bay of Fundy & the highest tides in the world, this kit contains locally grown hops from Bloomfield Hop Farm, in Bloomfield New Brunswick.

Black Capped Stout is an extra stout that uses locally made molasses for a unique spin on this traditional offering - and to really kick up the local flair this kit also contains hops from Moose Mountain Hop Farms in New Brunswick. Dark in colour with a smooth finish this beer kit will help you brew a great beer for crisp fall days, or cool nights in front of the fire.

Homeboy is our Vienna Lager recipe first brewed in collaboration with Picaroons General Store in Saint John and released in April 2020. We have had tons of requests for the recipe after the beer quickly sold out, so it made sense to include it in the first releases of our Maritime Brew Box Beer Kits. This beer kit will allow you to recreate the Homeboy beer in your own home to share with friends and family. This beer is a traditional Vienna Lager style with a beautiful copper hue & a smooth finish.

So how do I get one?

All our Maritime Brew Box Beer Kits are in stock and online at The Shop. As always local delivery is free, and we ship across Canada via Canada Post. As always any boxes shipped will include a cold pack to keep the hops & yeast cool on their journey. If you have ever thought about giving all-grain brewing a try with our Loaner Program these kits are also a great place to start.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out, or comment below!

Cheers, and happy brewing!