Monquart Malting Co. Local NB 2-Row

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Proudly grown and malted in Johnville, New Brunswick by the Brennan family.

This product is grown, harvested, geminated, and malted entirely on the farm in small batches. 

Colour °L:   2.0

This is a locally grown base malt that is a great for any style of beer. Can be used up to 100% of the mash. Similar to our popular Alix 2-row, but made locally right here in NB! We are very proud to carry this product at our shop!  

Malt is roasted slowly and at low temperatures to prevent quick conversion of maillard flavours. A very similar process to floor malting, but with more precise control from the maltster. 

*Batch Technical Brewing Data*

Name: Monquart Malt (Batch 1)
Type: Grain (2-row Barley)
Origin: New Brunswick Canada
Supplier: Brennan Family

Yield: 60.80 %
Potential: 1.028
Color: 2.0 SRM
Max in Batch: 100.0 %
Moisture: 4.86 %
Protein: 14.7 %
Coarse Fine Difference: 3.90 %
Diastatic Power: 111.0 %
Recommend Mash: TRUE - Substitute light LME or DME

Notes: Proudly grown by the Brennan family in Johnville, New Brunswick. A single source malt produced on the farm used in local craft brews. Offers a great balance and base layer for any beer style. Grown in a unique region of the province along the shore of the Saint John river which has a warmer climate and hardy soil for producing much of the province’s food crops.

Malt information will vary slightly in each batch due to crop conditions and the climate. Information will be updated with each batch of stock. We use this malt in almost every one of our Maritime Brew Boxes!