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Sold as a full case (12) // Bottles are 500mL

Our premium bottles are a must have for brewers looking to keep their finished product in the best possible condition. A sleek design that is great for any style of beer from lambics, IPAs, stouts, pilsners, wheat beers or anything in between. Standardize your bottling with these beauties!

Designed for bottle conditioning, long-term storage for aging and engineered for high end beer service. Bottles are punted at the bottom to keep pressure equalized in the vessel and to leave sediment when pouring. High quality for repeat use, easy to keep clean, and come with no stickers to scrub off.

Make a tight seal every time with our oxygen barrier pry-off caps.

Comes in a box for easy storage, and protects your beer from developing any light-struck (skunky) flavours.

*Note: Bottles will not seal using double-lever (sometimes referred to as Emily style) cappers due to the thicker neck. Standard bench cappers, or top down cappers work great. We would be happy to lend our bench capper locally! Please contact us for more details.

*Limited Quantities Available*