COVID-19 Policy

It’s safe to say that Derek and I have been in one way or another planning this small business venture for quite a while. Unfortunately COVID-19 has of course impacted many businesses – big & small – all over the world, and here in New Brunswick we are not immune. Opening a business in the time of COVID-19 has been a unique experience.

Fortunately we have always planned to build this business with the mindset of starting very small with hopes of building up the local home brewing community, and in turn the business. This small footprint means that we don’t have to worry about many of the restrictions or precautions that other larger businesses are currently dealing with. We have no physical space where masks are required, and both Derek and I are committed to monitoring our own health to make sure we are not making drop offs or sorting orders if we are showing symptoms.

If you are one of the many people that have decided to take a crack at home brewing during this difficult time, or if you are a seasoned pro looking for a new grain supplier The Community Brew shop guarantees that we will follow local guidelines as directed by Public Health to make sure we are being as safe as possible.

We maintain a very clean space where our supplies are kept and we have access to hand sanitizer on site. We commit to proper sanitization of our hands before and after handling tools, supplies, and your orders. We also have purchased easily dispensable hand sanitizer for our vehicles with guidelines in place to ensure proper sanitization when we are making deliveries.

Below will outline the details of our COVID-19 Policy.

During Delivery – When dropping off your orders we will maintain sanitary conditions using appropriate alcohol level hand sanitizers that will be kept in our vehicles at all times. Once customer contact is made we will vocally confirm the order number and place the order on the ground for the customer, maintaining the appropriate 2 metre distance at all times. Unfortunately social interaction during pickup will be limited by the 2 metre distance restriction but we are always happy to chat on Facebook or Instagram.

During Receiving & Order Picking – We commit to using hand sanitizer with appropriate alcohol levels when receiving orders from our supplier(s) & during the picking and organization of customer orders.

Self Checking Symptoms – Derek & I commit to making sure we are not displaying – or feel like we are displaying – any signs of COVID-19 as outlined by Public Health Authorities during order picking, product receiving or product pick up interactions.

During this difficult time we will make every effort to provide the safest customer interactions while doing everything we can to strengthen this amazing community.

Nov 27, 2021 Update - With cases up in the province again and some regions under "circuit breaker" measures we continue to mask up when making deliveries. If you have any special requests regarding COVID-19 precautions, please add them to the notes field during checkout.

Jan 19, 2021 Update – Our local delivery region in Greater Saint John is moving into the “red” phase tonight at midnight. We will continue to follow the guidelines laid out on this page and will be taking every precaution during the picking, & delivery of orders. Stay safe & please continue to support local whenever possible.

If you have questions or concerns, please email us by clicking here.